FCC: Stop the AT&T
Rate Hike Sneak Attack!

Protect small business and prevent AT&T
from suddenly cutting long-term plans

On December 10, 2013 AT&T will be able to start raising broadband and phone rates on small businesses 15 to 25 percent unless the FCC stops them.

AT&T is trying to eliminate service plans for businesses. It’s a sneak attack that will hurt our economy, creating uncertainty for entrepreneurs and forcing businesses to absorb new costs.

This rate hike on broadband lines will impact ATM machines, gas pumps and credit card transactions. These higher costs will get passed onto consumers. This is just the latest in AT&T’s history of hiking rates on customers without warning and it needs to stop.

The Broadband Coalition stands up for small business owners and their customers who shouldn’t pay the cost for AT&T's bad behavior. Add your name to tell the FCC: “Stop AT&T’s Rate Hike Sneak Attack!”

Time Until Next Rate Hike Sneak Attack:

More About AT&T’S Latest Sneak Attack

On November 25th, 2013 AT&T filed its plan at the FCC. Now, the FCC has just 15 days to stop the big telecom giant from eliminating long term broadband and phone service plans that American small businesses depend on.

Eliminating these plans, called “special access term plans” will raise rates for the communications services small businesses buy without providing any additional value.

That’s right. In just 15 days’ time, AT&T plans to do away with the pricing plans small businesses have come to rely on – raising rates for small businesses 15 to 25 percent.

The FCC must act by Monday, Dec. 9th to STOP them.

AT&T’s rate hike sneak attack is a move only a monopoly with massive market power would ever dream of attempting.

Tell the FCC to STOP AT&T’s rate hike sneak attack.